Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fét Noel nan Wings [Wing's Christmas Party]

I wasn’t able to sleep until after 1am this morning…too excited to be here…thinking about home and loved ones there…reviewing Kréyol numbers, colors, months…back to loved ones…then drum rhythms… Well, you get the idea. When my 4:30am alarm strummed its gentle tune, I considered how much I love yoga on the roof and the run up to Kennscroff and peeling garlic for Alcindor while he makes breakfast for the children and talking to him in Kréyol…for about 3 seconds before I fell back to sleep.

I woke again at 6 thinking that if I took out the run, I’d have time for the other events. Unfortunately I discovered there is a large locked, gate to the roof now. (Yes, I considered climbing over but thoughts of the consequences of getting my broken parts fixed here prevailed.) Seems Steve and some other children found their way over the small gate and on to the roof last week. From the back of the house, we’re talking about a 5 story fall. Luckily, my plans to spend more nights on the roof and then salute the morning sun were the only things that were lost in the incident. So, a bit of yoga at the garden level and a quick and brisk sponge shower got the morning off, but not running :-)

I then spent the next hour unwrapping garlic, playing with Delmas and chatting with Alcindor in the kitchen. ***Wawa, ou gen reson! [You were soooo right. ] I have learned a whole lot more Kréyol from you than I gave you credit for. Mwen regret sa ! *** I’m able to form sentences now that not only make sense, but that don’t leave the listener itching to look at their watch. I can also follow the gist of most conversations – Sézi, sézi! [surprise, surprise]

Pictures: KC with Raul - who is truely a wiseman, day in and day out; Ted and Delmas, my favorite shepard and ti mutan [little sheep] ever; Maritza as Mary.

The morning was filled with pageant preparations: the loading up piñatas and the dawning of costumes. The pageant itself was wonderful! Renee will be posting the video I was enlisted to shoot on the St. Joes facebook page soon. A guest here stepped into a TanTan Noel [Santa Clause] costume and launched the kids into fits of joy. They all got a present and a hug from him – even Steve.
Steve the brave, the official greeter of all who enter Wings, the resident bouncing Tigger – was terrified of TanTan Noel. The region of my heart that can become more than a little annoyed with Steve as he continually throws his body into mine, and tries to touch parts that are more than a little inappropriate, softened for him. The whole event was such an incredible reminder to me of how I too can cover up my own fears by throwing myself into things and pushing boundaries that I too know are inappropriate.

The afternoon was slow. Most of the kids were in a post-party, post-adrenaline, post-sugar comma and the adults were in the fatigue stage of the holiday season. Ted, Lazar, and I listened to my music – they have wonderful taste! We chair danced to Manu Chau, Michael Franti, Youssou N’dour [thanks Chuck!], and my world music collection.

After dinner, I sat and talked with Alcindor and Jocelyn, with more of the same music playing in the back ground. Alcindor helped me with Kréyol and I gave him another lesson in MS Word. His ability to remember things blows me away. We also walked together to the “internet café” [picture a 6x6 room with a table, 4 chairs, one computer, and two telephones – not exactly state of the art]. I tried to call home but the connections were horrid and I just ended up saying “Hi” to my mom before it was dropped - twice. Alcindor offered to let me use his phone, so I bought 10 international minutes for ~$6 US. The connection I made with that time was priceless!

Tomorrow, several of the guests here, along with Renee and I, will be headed down to St. Joe’s in the afternoon. We’ll spend two nights there and get to be apart of their Christmas celebration too. I’m so excited to see LeyLey again. He's one of the lead drummers and the first person to ever show me anything on a drum (he laughed at me the whole time – maybe that’s why I took such a liking to him and to drumming), and show him what I’ve learned. I’m definitely packing my sleeping bag – that’s one roof that even a large gate will not prevent me from dreaming on!

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